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 about me 

Height: 6"4   |   Eye Color: brown   |   Hair Color: bald

I have won numerous competitions in the styles of Locking, House and Waacking in the UK and internationally and taught multiple workshops and intensive dance courses in Japan, China, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Scotland, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Norway, France, Germany and more.

Most of my training in dance was based in Japan, New York and LA working with iconic figures in the world dance community such as Archie Burnett, Elite Force Crew, Dance Fusion, Tyrone Proctor and Ana Sanchez.

I also perform in theater, host events, teach and choreograph for wedding parties and work as a professional model.

Dance and music is my life and I am constantly exploring the depths of my potential through my travel, work, performances and interactions with like minded people. I never stop learning and constantly hungry to develop myself in the hopes that I can inspire others through my artistry.


  • OLD SCHOOL NIGHT 2012- Locking Semi Finalist

  • OLD SCHOOL NIGHT 2016 - Waacking Quarter Finalist

  • OLD SCHOOL NIGHT 2017- Waacking Semi  Finalist

  • OLD SCHOOL NIGHT 2018- Waacking Semi Finalist

  • 2 on 2 Battle Royale 2016 - Waacking Winner

  • 2 on 2 Battle Royale 2017 - Waacking Winner

  • Back To The Styles - 2017 WINNER

  • Back To The Styles - 2018 WINNER

  • SUPER FRIDAY (Tokyo) 2on2  Waacking Winner

  • Super Friday (Tokyo) Solo Showcase Winner

  • I LOCK SESSION Osaka - Locking WINNER

  • KOD China Locking FINALIST

  • KOD China Waacking FINALIST


  • Ocean Battle Session 2016 Team Battle WINNER

  • GET HYPE UK House vs Waacking - Winner


  • Black Jack Club Jam - Winner

  • BRUSH ON WAACK Nagoya 2018 - Waacking Winner

  • Funk Nation Hiroshima 2018 - Waacking Winner

  • Pay The Cost to Be The Boss 2nd Place Waacking 2018

  • Get Up and Get Down 2nd Place 2019

  • All European Waacking Festival Champion 2019

  • Waack It Out 2ON2 - Winner

  • True Skool Japan - Waacking Winner

  • Juset Debout House Dance UK - Winner

  • Red Bull Dance Your Style – Finalist 2019

  • Battle in Shanghai Locking 1 on 1 Circle Winner 2019

  • Battle in Shanghai Locking 2 on 2 Winner 2019

  • B.I.S Waacking 2 on 2 Finalist 2019

  • B.I.S Locking 1on1 BUFU Finalist 2019

  • Battle Waack 2020 Winner

  • True School Showcase Contest Winner and Grand Championship Final 2020


Hyper Week Dance Camp, Sicily

Waacking Sharing, Russia

Etoile Dance Academy, Indoneisa

Urban Artists University Summer Camp, Austria

Caster Studio, Shanghai

Urban Strides HHDS, UK

De Ja Vu Intensive, Scotland

SOUL dance company Intensive, Vienna

Japan Dance Tour, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo

China Dance Tour

Austria Dance Tour

Italian Dance Tour

Summer Dance Camp, Villach

 Special Skills 

I speak Fluent Japanese and engage in Capoeira and  cuban salsa activities. I have a background in theatre having worked with theatre companies in the UK, Paris and China, I also do Modelling and currently working under TMA agency I also have an acting background using both method acting techniques and Meisner Technique.


Dance Performances

Street dance Choreography

Street Dance & Social Dance Lessons

Artistic Directing

Wedding Dance Planning

Corporate Events

Competition Judging

Kids & Adult Workshops

Private Dance Lessons 

Group Intensive Classes

TV & Film



 Download Full Resume 

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